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Hey, what's up? I am Duane Whitfied...the Digital Marketer.

Duane Whitfield's Bio:

Duane has been a Digital Marketer for the past couple of years, He helps newbies learn the basics of building an online business from home. He is a laid back, no-nonsense type of guy, that will give it to you games. If you've been tring and failing to get started online this is your chance. I know, i know. You've heard this many times. But, it is true. Your search is over... Duane can point you in the right direction starting today. See how...

Duane Whitfield's Interests & Activities:

Digital Marketing, List Building, Info Product Promotion, Web Design, SEO, Health & Fitness, Meditation, Hidden Knowledge, Urban Art, Music & Hip-Hop Culture, & Automotive Repair/Detailing...

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